Definisi dan Contoh Idiom Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Hi friends....
Mungkin kalian sering menemukan kata-kata dibawah ini:
- A good deal of
- when pig fly
- about to

Idioms are phrases which people use in every day language which do not make sense literally but we understand what they mean.

Idiom adalah kata-kata dalam Bahasa Inggris yang maknanya tidak sama dengan arti kata tersebut secara literal, namun hal tersebut sudah umum digunakan.

Contoh Idiom yang sering kita temui:
- A good deal of, artinya banyak
Contoh: There a good deal of books in my library

- when pig fly, artinya suatu hal yang mustahil
Contoh: You want to get 1 billion rupiahs without working hard? when pig fly!

- about to, artinya hampir
Contoh: I am about to finish my cooking before finally the baby cried.

- a piece of cake, sangat mudah/sepele
Contoh: That work for you is just a piece of cake, I guess.

- cost an arm and leg, sangat mahal harganya
Contoh: This luxurious car cost an arm and leg.

- raining cats and dogs- hujan deras
Contoh: It's cloudy again. It is going to rain cats and dogs.

-to be continued-


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