A recount is a piece of text that retells past events, usually in the order of in which they happened.  The purpose of a recount is to give the audience a description of what occurred and when it occurred.

Singkatnya, recount text adalah text dalam bahasa Inggris yang tujuannya untuk menceritakan kejadian dimasa lalu, kronologi kejadian, dan detil waktu kejadian itu berlangsung.

Features of Recount Text

  • A first paragraph that gives background information about who, what, where, and when (called an orientation)
  • A series of paragraphs that retell the events in the order in which they happened.
  • A concluding paragraph (not always necessary)

Language Features of Recount Texts
  • Proper nouns to identify those involved in the text
  • Descriptive words to give details about who, what, when, where, and how
  • The use of the past tense to retell the past events.
  • Words that show the order of events (for example, first, next, then)

Example of Recount Text
Look at the following example of recount text

A Deeply Mourning Day

By: Usna Ummu Maryam

I was extremely sad when my elder sister who had sufffered from a complication deseases passed away a year ago. It was 11.00 p.m when I got a message from my cousin that my sister was being brought to the hospital. My cousin said that her condition  was getting worse. She was not able to speak and open her eyes anymore.  It was such a shocking message that I couldn’t  endure my tears from my eyes. Then I took a wudlu and prayed to God in order to give strengh to my sister and give her a long life. That was the only thing that i could do.

Fifteen minutes later my cousin sent me  the next message. Then i took my mobile phone and  opened the message slowly with a big worry. I was afraid of facing the worth reality. After I read it, I hoped that my cousin was telling me a lie or  i was being trapped in a nightmare not in a real life, but i was wrong. I really didn’t want this news.  She asked me to go home soon for my beloved sister couldn’t take her breath anymore. I didn’t believe it at all. Again, I got the same massage from my other relatives. It was true that my siser’s died. She took her last breath on the way to the hospital. It is the most shocking message I had ever got. I cried loudly and felt destressed very much.

In the next morning I went home with  my some boarding house mates at 05.30 a.m from Semarang. Then we arrived at my house at 01.00 p.m. I saw a lot of  people in my house who were crying in front of  my sister’s corpse. I couldn’t endure my loud crying when I opened  a white clothes upon my sister’s body. It was the last time I saw my sister  with her closed eyes and  a white pale face that smiled at me. I was so distressed since my beloved sister  whose age had been just 24 years old was too fast leaving me and my family. In addition, she had just  married two months before finally leaving  us. Up to now I can’t believe it.

One day I took my mobile phone and then intended to send her a massage to say hello. Soon I realized that she was not in this world anymore, she’s left me and everything in this world including her new husband. I always feel her exsistence in my side as if she is still alive. I still can’t imagine that for the time being she has already had a new world which full of mystery. However, I am trying to accept it because nothing is eternal in this world. Everyone will also get their death soon or later. I always try to emphasize it.


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